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We are Las Vegas natives who have attended The Fine Art program at The University of Nevada Las Vegas.  We have the knowledge of color design and theory to help you make informed decisions that you can be happy with for years to come.  

Transform your environment!

Professional Quality

With years of experience in evolving Materials & Applications we stay in close contact to our manufacturers representatives and stay up to date with current products and trends.  We will only perform the proper applications that are proven to last.  You may rest assure you will be given the best quality of work possible.


Paintworks by Swenson LLC


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Customer Service

We thrive on our customers satisfaction. No matter the size of the job or conditions, I demand everyone be treated with the utmost respect and understanding with honor and integrity.  Our primary concern is your satisfaction.

Paintworks by Swenson LLC #78915


Founded: 2014

Owner: Christopher Swenson

Licensed Painting Contractor

Bonded & Insured


Monetary Limit : 25,000.00  


Color, texture, light, – details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. 


At Paintworks, our goal is to help you visualize your dream and transform your environment. No matter your preferences we’ll guide you through the decisions, providing information and options so you can choose your favorites. We pull it all together into a home or office design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours. Paintworks supervises the entire project to finish.